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East Coast Meets East Nashville

Our owner and creator was born in the 90's solely to bring back the 70's. So many things have evolved and changed in the world like clothing and decor, but one thing has always been constant, and that is the disco ball. In a world where not everything is all that great right now, these disco balls can hopefully bring extra light and happiness into your life. 

Pictured: is our lovely owner, Maddie Adler. Born and raised in the Washington D.C area but has been an East Nashville resident for 3 years. The handsome man pictured is Maddie's boyfriend, partner in crime and co-disco ball creator! We hope to make your dream disco ball into #discoballgoals!

Want a back drop of all colors and sizes or disco balls? We got you. 

Want a custom disco ball with the Tennessee flag on it? We got you.

Want to use a disco ball as a gender reveal?! Oh yeah... we got you. 

We cannot wait to meet you and bring the positive vibes and infinite amount of happiness into your lives.

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